Hyconnect Contributes to Study of Adhesive Technologies in Ship Manufacturing



Hamburg, October 2019


Hybrid structures made of metal and lightweight materials such as fibre-reinforced plastics (FRP) open up new potentials in shipbuilding. Appropriate joining technologies are required for their implementation; in addition to the FAUSST system, these include bonding. The study carried out should increase the use of bonded joints and bring the greatest possible benefit for the entire maritime industry.
The six-month study was awarded by the “Deutsches Maritimes Zentrum” (DMZ) to the Center of Maritime Technologies (CMT) in cooperation with Hyconnect. The results will show necessary steps to further establish bonding technology in shipbuilding. At the end of the study in March 2020, the results will be presented to the public and discussed at a specialist event.
The study compares the state of the art and science with current practical applications and establishes a common basis. The analysis takes into account regulations, norms and standards and thus enables a better assessment of the current regulatory situation, classification possibilities and future rule developments. When examining practical applications, the manufacturing, operational and safety challenges associated with the use of bonded joints are considered. The research needs identified in this context will close existing knowledge gaps in the use of bonding technologies in the maritime sector in the future. The results are recorded in a reference catalogue, which provides a quick overview of current areas of application for bonding technologies.
At the beginning of the study, a specialist group will be set up to include companies and institutions from the shipbuilding, inland shipbuilding and boatbuilding sectors as well as suppliers, classification societies and research institutions. Thus, the study ensures a high practical relevance and reflects the current status of bonding technologies and all relevant aspects. Members of the working group “Kleben im Schiffbau – KIS” as well as the contents developed there will also be involved.

For further information please contact us or the Center of Maritime Technologies e.V. under the keyword “Adhesive Study”.


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