HYCONNECT granted InnoRampUp funding from the city of Hamburg





Hamburg, October 2018


Under the auspices of the InnoRampUp programme of Hamburgische Investitions- und Förderbank (IFB), the city of Hamburg is funding HYCONNECT to the tune of around €125,000. This funding will be used primarily to enable prototypes for the FAUSST product to be developed quickly.

HYCONNECT GmbH delivers innovations relating to the joining of materials. In FAUSST, the Hamburg-based start-up has developed a certified and patented technology that makes it a simple matter to join metal and fibre-reinforced components, thereby actively promoting the extensive use of lightweight construction materials. The aim is to make transport systems more modern and above all more lightweight.

Initially, FAUSST is being rolled out for the maritime segment of the transport sector, it being particularly vital in this segment to provide customers with a demonstration during the early development phase in order to highlight the added value and innovative nature of the product. This support from the IFB puts HYCONNECT in a position to speed up both the construction of FAUSST prototypes and the development of the company.


HYCONNECT GmbH is a Hamburg-based start-up company delivering innovations relating to the joining of materials. The first HYCONNECT product is FAUSST, a certified and patented technology that makes it a simple matter to join metal and fibre-reinforced components.

About InnoRampUp

The InnoRampUp funding programme specialises in providing grants to innovative technology-based start-ups in Hamburg, thereby strengthening the city’s start-up scene and contributing to the development of promising companies. InnoRampUp is aimed at exceptionally innovative start-ups and companies from all industries. To qualify for funding, a start-up must be less than two years old, based in Hamburg and must meet the criteria for a small company (fewer than 50 people and an annual turnover or balance sheet total of less than €10 million). Services are also eligible for funding. There must however be a realistic chance of commercial success and a strong team behind the business concept.

For further information, please send an email to presse@hyconnect.de


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